On Writing

On Writing - Stephen King Asha rated this book: 4****Being a Nicholas-Sparks-writing-lover that I am, I was wandering through his personal website http://www.nicholassparks.com/for-writers/craft one evening when I came across this section 'Advice for Writers'... Dropping everything that I was doing, I set out to reading it. I found it worth my time as Sparks has listed and recommended some books that will help you improve your writing skills and one of those was 'ON WRITING' by 'STEPHEN KING'. Okay, now what can I say about this book that should make it sound reasonable and satisfactory too. This being the first Stephen King book that I read, I was surprised to not have started reading his books earlier. Well, I might as well yell that I love the way King writes. For one, I fell in love with it right from the start. But anyone will, what with King's style of writing which is exquisitely good and engrossing with a pinch of humor and a dose of his dramatic funny childhood experiences while he narrates the story of his life in this book.Apart from reading about his life which is highly entertaining, I thoroughly enjoyed the insights he has laid on writing based on his personal experiences. The various tools viz. grammar, vocabulary, active-passive tones, tenses etc. one needs to have handy in order be an ace at writing are exceptionally helpful to all those who are new at the art of writing. The part where Stephen narrates his tragic accident got me to a halt. For one moment, it was as though I was the one hit with the van followed by being transported to the hospital followed by being moved to another hospital in a helicopter etc. etc. The whole part shows how optimistically he faced it all and endured it all.Having said how much and why I loved the book, I rate it 4**** not 5***** for the fact that it really got me dragging through it at instances that I almost dozed off. Hence, if you noticed, I have included it on my somehow-managed-to-finish shelf. Now, that for a person like me is a put-off and something I dislike about a book. I believe those parts ought to be positively discarded. To summarize, it is a must read for those who set out to achieve a career in writing. Deeply intellectual with rich knowledge on various fronts and faces of writing and the set-backs one encounters on the route.I am sure it will assist you to get a good grip on your writing tactics. Limit you from over-doing it and leaving you with being a fascinating writer.That so far is my take on the book. Read for yourself to judge it better and write a review. I promise to read your review and see how you like the book!