The Girl on the Dock

The Girl on the Dock: A Dark Fairy Tale - G. Norman Lippert Well, I wasn't charmed with this one unlike the other three books of James Potter Series by Norman Lippert. The story revolves around Petra Morganstern. A witch and classmate of James Potters at Hogwarts. After finishing her schooling she has come back to her grand parents home.Her parents have died long back(so is what Lippert portrays) and has had a rather rough childhood.Staying with her step-grandmother, Petra has a tough life so to be called with not being permitted to use her magical skills and enduring her grandmother's cruel ill-tempered behavior toward her. What I loved about the book is that it is a short story merely a hundred and thirty pages odd and finishes before you realize. Better that way as I wouldn't have been much enthralled to read a 500-hundred-page-no-good-tale book just like that.What I didn't like is that the story seemed to be flowing with no mission. Petra is confused as hell about her intentions in life. More than once I found myself disconnected with the story. There is no concrete plot for one and supplementing it is vague descriptions of events happening around Petra not to forget her seemingly weird past rolling on the 'Blood-for-blood-theory' which Lippert describes as the way to bring her dead mother back into the mortal world. It seemed a lot to take in for a short-read like that majorly because of the disconnects in the story.Norman Lippert has tried to carry forward the Epic Harry Potter story from where Rowling ends it as the end of Voldemort and a presumably peaceful life ahead. Lippert has written a series of 3 books on James Potter(Harry's eldest son) and his schooling at Hogwarts and the following unprecedented events.Though, I liked the James Potter series better, The Girl on the Dock was no-where close comparatively. That so far was my take on the book. Read for yourself and write a review. I would love to read it and know how you like the book.