The Book of Tea

The Book of Tea - Kakuzō Okakura I started reading this book as I'd read somewhere that this is one of the greatest tea classics of all times, not that I knew what a TEA CLASSIC is. In the Indian society, it is a cultural norm to offer tea to guests and visitors. It is quite a tradition that is being followed since ages. So when I read about tea culture and Teaism, I was almost certain that I'd read this book someday since its known to cast light on the significance of tea cultures.This book gives a deep insight on Teaism, a well-developed practice in Japanese culture. The author has addressed the Western cultures signifying the importance and relevance of Teaism in the Japanese society. Teaism, as per the author, is an art of tea. Teaism is a tea ceremony that helps augment harmony, humanity, fraternity, peace. It tells how this culture taught the Japanese, the elegance of simplicity.Close to the end, the authors spends some good deal of time talking on various tea-masters including Sen no Rikyu.