Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades Trilogy #2)

Fifty Shades Darker  - E.L. James Fifty-Shades-Freed : Am I next?Me: Laters, Baby ;-)Where do I start?I remember swearing in a ear-crashing high volume at least FIFTY times here on Goodreads, in office, in my friend circle, in my blog-world etc. about not reading any of the books in the Fifty Shades series owing to my extremely shitty experience with the first book.I had put the idea good thousand miles away from my mind. Thanks to nutty-irritating-Anastasia-Steele and arrogant-sex-hungry-sadist-Christian-Grey !This was until I'd read a few reviews about Fifty Shades Darker on Goodreads which gave me an idea that it is better than Fifty Shades of Grey. So I thought I can give it a try.-----What I liked???(atleast I can bring myself to say this after the sickening experience I had with the first book)1. Anastasia(I so dislike that name) is a lot more matured and finally starts using her head realistically. What I liked about her is that she atleast has mustered up the courage to stand up to things the way she wants rather than falling for Grey's ways which only got her wet from all places all the time.2. Grey is much softer with her and confesses he loves Anastasia (for some mysterious reason he falls in love with her). James' believes in leaving her readers in a scalp-scratching thought about that one.-----What I still hate???(the list is long but I'll try and keep it short and concise)1. I would have loved to see Grey the-gazillionaire-top-notch-CEO working and being a little involved in the myriad of businesses he runs rather than just looking for ways to take Anastasia to bed(I suppose that's how working people should be portrayed)2. Though James' has managed to leave out Holy cow and Holy shit most of the times but she still could not really stop Anastasia from flushing a million times and exclaiming 'Jeez' every second that she can which again is a few zillion times. Now, though I admit that Fifty Shades Darker was tonnes better than Fifty Shades of Grey, I still find James' writing mediocre simply for the fact that she uses repetitive phrases and words annoyingly throughout the book. The book I could say was getting better with all the flow of emotions not just one-sided and sex-driven but by something called love. While Grey struggles to mellow down for having Anastasia in his life, it is surprisingly difficult to accept the change in his sexual taste and personality in mere 5 weeks. For me it was just simply Too-much-to-take-in types. All in all, if I really liked the book then it was for its evolving nature compared to the first one in the series. For once, I might want to have someone like Grey in my life minus all the fifty-shades-of-fuckedupness. It'd be much better that way. Fifty Shades Darker is bound to remain in my memories for a long time just like Fifty Shades of Grey but for altogether different reasons.From: Asha SethSubject: Just-Another-Fifty-ReaderDate: Sep 15, 2012 2:16 pmTo: E. L. JamesI sincerely want to start loving the way you write if only the whole baggage had to come without so much of getting-wet-tendencies, stuck-with-flushing, kinky-fuckery etc.etc.etc. Despite all the FIFTY SHADES OF ANNOYINGNESS that the book revolves around, I am about to start reading Fifty Shades Freed. You have raised my expectations a bit with Fifty Shades Darker.Hope to see you groom Grey and Ana hell of a lot more. A SClose-to-being-Fifty-obsessed.P.S.: I loved Grey. Keep him that way.