The Pearl

The Pearl - John Steinbeck My first Steinback novel. And I would like to thank Hitesh for sharing the ebook with me. I, quite simply, like Steinback's lucid engaging style of writing. This story is all about the turns life takes as soon as fate bestows some luck on us. In the story, Kino, a poor fisherman finds a pearl, a big one and suddenly, his world comprises of nothing but enemies who plot against him to procure the pearl. He is continually attacked and hurt by people from his village. Then Kino, his wife Juana alongwith little baby Coyotito flee for life in order to sell the pearl and make their dreams happen. But end up, getting into trouble with each step they take as they are being tracked. Sadly, he ends up losing his son to the trackers and he decides that now there is no purpose for him to have the pearl as he wished to educate his son by selling the pearl. So, he and Juana abandon the pearl, they hurl it back into the sea they'd found it from. The Pearl is one of those childhood bed-time stories you would like to narrate to kids. I remember a similar story my grandma used to tell, the only difference, in my grandma's story it was a gold coin and not a pearl. I might re-read it when I am looking for some short light read.