My Sister's Keeper

My Sister's Keeper - Tenth Circle was the first Jodi Picoult book that I read and I must say that I was not so fascinated by her writing. The plot is okay nothing too great and so I was thoroughly disappointed as I just thought the book never lived upto Jodi's literary reputation. Quite Honestly,I was not in for any more of her books until I was recommended My Sister's Keeper by my best friend. This book I must say caught my breath and got me hooked such that I couldnt put it down until I'd finished it. Brilliantly plotted, it takes you through the fight of a mother to save her daughter from blood cancer. A sister who refuses to comply with the needs of medical donations to her dying sister. A family's struggle to combat this battle and still stay close together.A very sensitive and heart-touching story that moves the numbest cords in your insides. A sensation that grips your soul and doesn leave you even after days that you've finished the book and the story.I smiled, wept, laughed, cried all through just one book. In other words, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.Its got everything a good story must have. So yes, Im happy that I was recommended this book by my friend and I recommend it everyone who is looking for a tear-jerking but cherishable reading experience!