A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember - Nicholas Sparks Having read this book for the first time in my sophomore years, I now realise that I couldnt have loved any other book like AWTR.This was the first Nicholas Sparks novels that I read and have been hooked to it for years now. My first and all time favourite book that I love like no other.I'v read this book more than a few million times now and everytime I read it, I keep falling in love with Jamie and Landon.Its more than just a great book and surely recommended to all who love reading romance. This book captivates the romance, and sensitivity that we all have inside. Its an amazingly beautiful love story, and also a stab in the heart with all the pain in it. Not to forget, its a thousand times better than the movie which has an edited storyline. A sure recommendation if you want to experience some intensely beautiful emotions and feelings that will bewitch your heart for a life-time and more!