Truly, Madly, Deeply

Truly, Madly, Deeply - Faraaz Kazi Well, this was the first book I bought by mere sight of the cover-page.The color lavender is my favorite one and while passing through various shelves in Landmark, I laid my eyes on this book. I was tempted to pick it up and check the book as it had my favorite color for its otherwise not-so-appealing background.That was pretty much the reason why I bought and for that matter read it. Never heard or read about the author, I presumed it to be an average book. Not-much-read-nor-talked about kind. I was blatantly denied false to my face of my presumption of the book as average after reading the first few chapters itself. Okay, well it is a plain story pretty much witnessed everywhere around us. The good-looking-all-rounder-guy falls for the good-looking-all-rounder-girl and stuff like that. Some might go to an extent criticizing it to be an overly done story. Too-sweet-to-be-digested type. I agree to that too. But is that not what most of us dream about? If we can conceive of the idea of the prince-charming-rescuing-us-on-the-horse tales or the kiss-the-frog-and-see-him-turn-to-prince tales, then why not a story like this? It is about a high-school boy Rahul who is head over heels for this girl Seema his junior in school. A plot is a lucid stream of events since the time they first set eyes on each other and the way the adolescent romance blooms between them is all a sweet-cute story with high doses of humor.What takes control of the story is the unprecedented turn of misunderstandings plagued by the envious-havoc-wrecker-villain-friend Jay. Things start tumbling down the hill creating widening distances between Rahul and Seema. There were moments I wanted to yell at Rahul and then at Seema for not being seething to the events but that is exactly what kept me hooked to the story. The plot that was weaved through popular suburbs of Mumbai helped me relate to the story as I belong with the same city. I could see things happening (was that an over-statement?) and felt to be a significant part of the story. Sometimes being Rahul, sometimes Seema. Overall, the author Faraaz Kazi (who is surprisingly my age) has done a brilliant job in penning this one down. Although it isn't an extraordinary story that promises to stay in my memories forever, I was charmed for its simple language and innocent-love theory the one that kept yelling in my ears 'Love never dies' or this one 'There's always Hope'. Nevertheless, Cheers Faraaz for the good work!A simple mediocre love-story with a heart-aching twist and turn of events will keep you turning pages till the end. That so far is my take on the book. Read for yourself to judge it better and write a review. I promise to read your review and see how you like the book!