Time of My Life

The Time of My Life - Cecelia Ahern Did I really rate it 1 star?Well, I’ve never been a huge fan of Cecelia’s but this book certainly left me skeptical about pursuing any other of her novels.‘P.S. I Love You‘, her first novel that I’d read was comparatively better than this one. The Time Of My Life was so utterly annoying that with each page it just kept getting to me and it almost made me cry as I couldn’t manage finishing it sooner.Going back to the moment I first saw it in the bookstore, I’m now wondering as to what made her start writing this book at the first place. It is mere SHIT.All through the book, the female protagonist (wait a minute, what was her name? Lucy or something. Oh! forget it! who cares!) tries to get in peace with her life personally, professionally, socially and on every other ground while she’s messing it all up at the same time with her never-ending lies that she lives with. Nick-naming, cursing everyone around when actually she is the real culprit dirtying the picture around others’ lives. To add to the misery, she keeps receiving appointment letters to have a meeting with her life. Now, it is actually her LIFE we are talking about. Doesn’t it sound like utter madness! So yes, she makes an appointment with her life who happens to be a man by the name Cosmo Brown. Really, Cosmo, eh?? And through half the book he is trying to gear up her life. Bring it back on track types. Gosh!I repeatedly kept putting the book down after certain instances where I just couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to cry, no yell, at her inane stupidity.Ms. Ahern tries to put the hearts of her distressed readers to peace after around 350 pages and starts to put pieces back together in the protagonists life for a so-called-happy-sappy-ending. But, excuse me! It just didn’t work for me after having literally pulled, tugged, dragged myself through the 350 pages shit and then accept make-overs in the last 50 pages.In short, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone as I’ve already wasted ‘The Time of my life’ and wouldn’t want others to follow suit. Read it only if you have nothing, absolutely nothing better to do with your life.-Asha