The Diaries of Leo Tolstoy

The Diaries of Leo Tolstoy - Leo Tolstoy 4 & 1/2 stars!I must admit how appalled I was to find this book in a blood-boiling ragged state lying strewn in a road-side bookstall. I do not know how else is one supposed to feel or react to the sight of one's favorite author's work suffering a fate like that by ignorant hands but I had to suppress the urge to throttle the stall-keeper since it wasn't totally his fault. The best or all I could do and I did, is that I bought the book right away. Surprisingly, at a unbelievably cheaper price. The best feeling a reader can go through is read excerpts from the life of the person you admire, feel inspired from and I was so delighted if not overly astonished to learn about Tolstoy's life, given he's been my literary inspiration since childhood. Okay, about the book now!This book which is about 150 odd pages is small fragments from the daily life of Leo Tolstoy in his youth days. His customary habits, his routine tasks, preferences of things, his decisions and factors which influenced those are mentioned in not-so-precise details but enough to know a little about the literary icon.I am quite amazed at the amount of time in his day that was devoted to reading and writing. Its something I am taking away from his diary. There is only so many people who might like to read this diary of Tolstoy others can suffice it to know that if you are about to read this book, do not expect to come out with immensely heartrending experience. It is just about the regular life of a man who is not the Tolstoy the world knows.