The Pope's Stone

The Pope's Stone - Marc Kuhn My Rating - 5 starsThis book was read and reviewed for the author.The Pope's Stone is a work of historical-fiction by the Author Mark Kuhn. I would like to add a special vote of thanks to Monica for recommending the book to me. Nathaniel Henry Barrington and Nicholas Henry Barrington have led a similar life although they have lived a century apart. The twist and turn of events that they have both encountered in their lifetimes is not just coincidental but terrifically agnate to an extent that its almost impossible to believe that they can be true. And the only thing that has them connected is THE POPE'S STONE. And hence begins the interlinked stories of Nathaniel Henry Barrington and Nicholas Henry Barrington spun in a fantastic manner as only Mark could do write. The story begin likes this. John Henry Barrington, grandfather of Nathaniel Henry Barrington, 1854, who works as an artisan at the Washington monument was approached by four young men of an active political party to show them the Pope's Stone which was sent to America as a gift from Rome toward the construction of the Washington monument. Together, the four men and John Henry Barrington break it to pieces and thrust it into the River Potomac but one piece was safely secured by John Henry Barrington contemplating it to be inexplicably valuable in years to come. Hence, starts the journey of the marble slab being passed from one generation to next in the Barrington lineage until it rested with Nathaniel Henry Barrington, the grandson of John Henry Barrington.As the story unfolds, we find characteristic similarity in the lives of Nathaniel Henry Barrington and Nicholas Henry Barrington with the turn of exactly same events and incidents in the lives of both although Nathaniel lived in 1950s and Nicholas lived in 1980s. The story starts to place in fall when Nicholas starts to dig out for the history of the stone and finds out the Nathaniel Henry Barrington was his great-great grandfather. Thanks to Mark for revealing the suspense all in good time in small digestible pieces. What I like about the book - - Intricately woven tale that makes you keep turning pages with the under-lying suspense which is brilliantly inter-weaved amongst the lives of the 2 main characters Nathaniel and Nicholas- A proof of the fact that the author has performed some amazing amount of research to take his story to a fantastically engaging level- The characters have a tragedy-based life with a very down-to-earth touch to their life-style that one can find easy to feel as his own since not many of us the prince-touch to our life-styles. - In a way you feel growing emotionally stronger with the way the main characters have tackled the various challenges life throws at them. I personally feel there is a lot to take away from the book.All in all, this book had my heart grieving more than a couple instances and I did so want to get into the book and hug Nathaniel and Nicholas for their sufferings and take away all the pain if I could that is. The ending was kind of sad since I was expecting a happy turnout given the way the story was spun but also makes me want to believe that Mark might write a sequel to the story after all. Ah! just a reader's heart musing there actually. To Mark, I am happy to have read this book since you sure seem to have a way with your words and your characters with the kind of gripping tale that this was. I look forward to reading more of your books.P.S.: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.