Anna Karenina (Signet Classics)

Anna Karenina (Signet Classics) - Good Lord! Did it really take me a month to finish reading a book?Well, yes, what else was I expecting with a 808 page paperback? What was I looking forward to with a Tolstoy Classic? I still remember how much for months I was wanting to start reading Anna Karenina. And the moment I got myself a copy, I left everything aside.With a Tolstoy novel, it is imperative you give it undivided attention and hence although I read around 3 books at a time, with Anna Karenina, it was just Anna Karenina, Anna Karenina, Anna Karenina!It was such worth my time and past the first few pages, I was so caught up with the plot that I regretted not having started reading it earlier. But like they say, Better late than never!I have been an all-time Tolstoy admirer and have almost all his short stories which never cease to amaze me with their intriguing plots and moralistic approach. Anna Karenina outstands in the crowd of classics of its age and an astonishing example of Tolstoy's brilliance at Russian Literature. In Anna Karenina, Tolstoy subtly describes the stories of mirth and miseries in families in medieval Russia. With Anna Karenina, Tolstoy robustly portrays characters of Anna, Karenin, Vronsky, Oblonsky, Dolly, Kitty, Levin, Prince and Princess Scherbatsky who have a strong influence on the flow of the story.Anna Karenina is rich with human emotions, behavior with a detailed view of characteristic approach to problems and issues in real life. Tolstoy has put significant efforts in giving a minute to minute and second to second description of mental afflictions owing to varied precarious situations in which there is so much to learn and understand and it makes you almost live the characters of Anna and Levin and Karenin and Dolly etc. They are faces of myriad human moods. Firm, Doubtful, Shaky, Confused, Happy, Envy, Jealousy, Love. Everything about them is so complex yet so riveting. So inconsistent yet so influential. I could relate to it, to all of it, all the instances of utter shock and happiness and confundedness. Because as human-beings that is what we are. We are all like Anna and share a part of her life with ours. And that is one of the reasons why the book gets you gripped head to toe that you are still stuck with the story even after a week of finishing it. It is so immensely rich with human emotions and morals that it is hard to not get into the flow.I loved the way Tolstoy has displayed classism. How easily Dolly forgives and forgets Oblonsky's adultery but which is so hell-hard for Karenin to overlook in the case of Anna. How society condemns women but not men for something that is not acceptable to the society. I loved Anna and the exquisite way she is portrayed. Tolstoy has done an astonishing work with her character. I can keep writing on and on like this. All in all, I admire Tolstoy's work more and more. And with Anna Karenina, it just cant get better than this. Having overalled, Anna Karenina is one of the greatest masterpiece works that I have ever come across. Tolstoy has penned down a stupendous classic of perfection with his literary communication in Anna Karenina.