The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green A simple heart-wrenching story about Hazel and Augustus. About life and love and hardships when terminal illnesses take hold of you and all that is left is your hope for good times in whatever that is left. All through this book, I felt to have lived the life of Augustus as the character is so beautifully portrayed. I so loved him. About Hazel, I just felt her to be a girl ill with cancer and fighting her fight. Living with it. Thats it. Nothing more. I found connecting myself with Augustus, his stubbornness to life his way, cancer or whatever. Most readers, seemed to have loved Hazel than Gus. But I on the contrary fell in love with Augustus. You think I didn't read it the right way, don't you? There aren't many tear-jerking twists and turns, I yet somehow liked this book. I couldn't bring myself to love it as much as its popular with the best-seller status and all. But I am due to remember it for a long long time.