The Book Thief

The Book Thief - Markus Zusak DEATH narrates the tale as written by Liesel, a 13 year old girl who thieves books to satiate her reading desires, her love for books!Written in a stupendous style, this book got me hooked right since the first sentence, the very first page. Though the progress of the story is slow; its nevertheless engrossing giving a view of the life of Liesel as war continues in HITLER's reign.Death, the narrator of the story is inevitably the book's greatest strength who narrates the story from every nook and corner, every little detail at length as he is present anywhere and everywhere and cant be eluded by anyone. He has seen and known all and takes us through the life of Liesel in a proficient manner. It needs a real writer's mind to write a book like THE BOOK THIEF.Having read books of various genres from various authors, this book truly stands out of the rest of its kind.A masterpiece work by Mark Zusak recommended to all those who love books.